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"It’s peace, love and freedom rockin’ this baby... “YEAH!”

 You’ll feel you’ve time travelled back to Woodstock when you strut your stuff in Flower Child!

Shes a diverse unit; able to be rocked in many ways due to her natural, yet edgy, colour palette. 

The Flower Children, nickname was aptly coined during the Summer of love in 1969. It is said they grew tired of the many systems of injustice around them so rebelled by delivering messages of peace and unity, adorning themselves and others with flowers as a symbol of their stand. These incredible insightful children stood for transformation of the human psyche as well as the world around them. Much like the essence of the music festival she was inspired by, in this period of political unrest and protest; Flower Child represents the assembly of minds that banded together so many moons ago for peace

Constructed from the highest quality high temp fibre, she sits long at 24” with matte black blended roots and stunning, honey blonde / sunkissed ends! She exudes dreamy, psychedelic vibes mixed with with peaceful, freedom-loving, confidence! 

Don’t wait for the next revolution, get your Flower Child on now!

#flowerchild #woodstock @wigginoutau

Hair Colour:


Hair Type:

WO! So Natural!? Heat Resistant Fibre
*Heat Style up to 180 degrees 

Hair Texture:

Silk Straight

Hair Density:

150% ~ 180%

Lace Type
Full Machine Cap
Lace Colour:
Cap Construction:

One Size Fits Most (OSFM)

(22.75in / 58cm circumference)

Machine Crafted Base


1. Gently Brush the wig from the very bottom strands upwards to remove any tangles.

2. Use a small amount of natural, paraben free shampoo to wash the interior, particularly the front lace and nape area. Rinse under running water.

3. Apply a small amount of paraben free conditioner (and for extra softness a tiny drop of fabric softener!) and scrunch into hair. Allow to sit for 5 mins then rinse under running water, gently brushing the hair in a downward direction. Rinse until water just runs clear.

4. Squeeze the unit from top to bottom to remove majority of the water then lay on a towel and pat / blot out remaining water.

5. Run through with your brush once more (at this point you can also reset your parting space / layers - e.g. you may want a set left part; seperate into desired position and comb flat on the crown and you may wish for the curls to sit in a certain position - when the hair is slightly damp it is nice and easy to use your fingers and set the hair in your desired position).

6. Naturally Air Dry on your wig stand or set it down gently and allow to dry

7. Pop on your hair and heat style if you like and step out with confidence rocking your fresh smelling unit!

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